Brand Ambassador

Our services go beyond importing & exporting. As to our philosophy, Hogshead Imports stands for promoting brands in the broadest way. In our role as external Brand Ambassador we take this promotion a step further.

We use our global network to promote brands with importers around the globe. Tailored to the wishes of the brand we find fitting partners and mediate deals. Once relationships are established we maintain communication and take care of getting orders with every new release.

Centralized EU shipping

Within our role as Ambassador we also offer the use of a Dutch bonded warehouse. From here Hogshead Imports can act as a distributor for a large part of Europe. This way we take care of logistics and save on shipping costs.

The face behind it

Behind Hogshead Imports is Toon van Rooij (pronounce: ‘Tone’). A young spirit, but long time whisky enthusiast. Like with many amongst him, the spark for his love of whisky was ignited by a dram and a story. After his first trip to Scotland he was completely hooked. This fascination for whisky and it’s heritage, combined with a (maybe Dutch) entrepreneurial spirit came together in this company.