Uncharted Whisky Co.

A Scottish - Dutch alliance

Uncharted Whiskey is an independent bottler of exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Based in the heart of Scotland and passionate about ‘off the grid’ whisky. Meaning intriguing and exceptional whiskeys that you don’t often see. By selecting only these whiskeys, they’ve built a fast-growing reputation for excellent whiskey with good value for money and unique styling.

Uncharted Whiskey is run by the couple Jack Breslin (UK) and Dana de Vos (NL/DE). Uncharted Whiskey is a very personal brand. It’s just the two of them that run the company. They create unique bottlings of single cask whiskey that they themselves love. None of their bottlings will be lower than 50% ABV (unless natural cask strength is less than 50% due to exceptional age).

Brown Eyed Girl

14 Years Old

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Killer Queen

11 Years Old

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Alive and Kicking

13 Year Old
October 2008

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Smoke on The Water

23 Year Old
September 1998

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Rumours Chapter 2

30 Year Old
November 1990

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Rumours Chapter 1

15 Year Old
March 2006

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The Charming Dram

13 Year Old
September 2007

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