Spheric Spirits

Indie bottling the rare and old, with a distillers mindset

Spheric Spirits started as a micro distillery based on a “phantom” or “gypsy” concept; that is, they do not operate an official distillery. Instead they collaborate with other distilleries to produce single cask whisky recipes and experimental one-off batches. All with a strong focus on fermentation (microbiology) and old school style Scotch Whisky. Together with likeminded distillers around the globe they apply knowledge to innovate the art of distilling. And with it create balanced, fruity and complex spirits.

Their network and knowledge allows them to bottle the most exclusive and rare Scotch whiskies that represent their ethos; complex fermentation derived new make that has spent a long time in casks. A natural reduction in alcohol strength and concentration of the spirit. Without the cask influence being too overpowering. That’s why they love using exhausted refill casks.

Though Scotch Whisky is their real expertise, they do stumble across the occasional single casks/tiny batch of other ardent spirits such as Mezcal, Rum and Cognac that they want to share with the world.

Previous releases showed stunning whiskies like a 31yo Blair Athol, 22yo Mortlach and most recently a 27yo Springbank. Vintage whisky that doesn’t come along every day. Selected for whisky enthousiasts, destined to be enjoyed.

Expect great releases in the foreseeable future!

Blair Athol

31 Years Old

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22 Years Old

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25 Years Old
1993 & 1994

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27 Years Old

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