Uncharted Whisky Co.

Rumours – Chapter 1

Introducing a new series of Single Cask bottlings from The Uncharted Whisky Company. Allow us to proudly present Rumours – Chapter 1. An enigma cask from an un-named Islay single malt whisky distillery. Aged for 15 years in an exceptional ex-bourbon barrel and bottled at natural cask strength of 56.1%.

This rarity harks from a stunningly good distillery and single casks are as sparse as they are extraordinary. This ex- bourbon barrel come to us from salty shores of a peaty isle and has yielded 295 alluring bottles. Fifteen years this smoldering spirit has matured and to create something very special indeed!

The first chapter of the Rumours series is available to pre-order from Friday the 5th of March. Each bottle is drawn from an ex-bourbon barrel, filled and individually labelled by hand and is proudly offered to you free from colouring or chill-filtration. Bottled at the bold natural Cask Strength of 56.1% ABV, our artful, distinct and tactile bottles are each filled in minute single cask batches. These rare bottles are highly collectable, distinct and delicious

Why the name – Rumours?

We name all of our releases. The name is chosen specially to suit the individual cask. The age, taste, character, rarity and strength all contributing. Sometimes they name themselves. Single cask whisky of an un-named distillery always creates excitement and chatter. Many whisky lovers love the mystique of a mystery distillery and the challenge of working it out. So here is Rumours- Chapter 1, and the gauntlet is thrown down.

A rich and heady Islay, beautifully aged with fragrant peat smoke, stone fruit and a complete lack of medicinality.

Which Distillery?

Alas, we cannot say but that it is one of the Islay 10. Feel free to guess, ask us on social media, email us, call us, send a carrier pigeon or light the Beacons of Gondor. You will receive no answer. We shall remain stoney silent and neither confirm nor deny any guess. A rumour it shall remain- second hand news, if you will.

Rumours Chapter 1

Age: 15 Year Old
Distillery: Islay
Brand: Uncharted Whisky Co.
Type: Single malt
Alcohol: 56.1 vol.
Contents: 70 cl.
Cask Reference: UC0003
Distillation Date: March 2006
Bottling Date: May 2021