Uncharted Whisky Co.

This Charming Dram

Allow us to proudly present our second ever bottling- a stunning 13 year old single malt scotch whisky distilled in the utterly splendid Glenallachie distillery- This Charming Dram.

This unique Sherry Butt comes to us from the glens of Speyside and has yielded 799 alluring bottles. Thirteen years this silky smooth spirit has matured and every single day has been in this first fill sherry butt- no finishing period required here!

This charming Highlander is silk from start to finish. Decadent caramel, rich sticky toffee pudding and date go hand in hand with a touch of dried apricot and spice. It doesn’t get much more charming than this!

Available to order now, each bottle is drawn from a single sherry butt, filled and individually labelled by hand and is proudly offered to you free from colouring or chill-filtration. At the bold 50% ABV, our artful, distinct and tactile bottles are each filled in minute single cask batches. These rare bottles are highly collectable and delicious.

Why the name – This Charming Dram?

We give all of our releases a name that befits them and frankly there isn’t a better name to suit this cask. With it’s silky smooth Speyside character, deep and rich flavour, and having been matured in the ever popular first-fill sherry cask it’s whole life, this dram holds your attention. It is engaging and beguiling in equal measures- we couldn’t find fault.

Bottled at the punchy 50% ABV- this single Sherry Butt is a Charming Dram.

Please savour this single malt and the moment it brings. As with all good things in life, blink and you’ll miss it.

Which Distillery?

Glenallachie is a multi-award winning Speyside distillery and is renowned for silky smooth, fruity single malts and more latterly, usage of exceptional casks for maturation. This beautiful distillery sits just outside of town of Aberlour nestled among steep sided hills. The water source runs from the nearby Corbett mountain- Ben Rinnes- a hillside desolate (geddit?).

Fermentation and distillation are long and drawn out processes to extract the best of flavour from the barley. Quality over quantity is the Glenallachie way.

The Charming Dram

Age: 13 Year Old
Distillery: Glenallachie
Brand: Uncharted Whisky Co.
Type: Single malt
Alcohol: 50% vol.
Contents: 70 cl.
Cask Reference: UC0002
Distillation Date: September 2007
Bottling Date: April 2021