Uncharted Whiskey Co.

Alive and Kicking

The latest single cask release is Alive and Kicking. Bursting with fragrance, this 13 year old single malt scotch whisky harks from the glens of Speyside at the powerhouse distillery that is Mannochmore.

This whisky exudes vitality and tropical fruits.

Why the name – Alive and Kicking?

We give all of our releases a name. The name has to be tailored to the cask while also appealing to our slightly jilted sense of humour. This dram from one of the lesser seen distilleries is just so vivaciously vibrant. The scent of fresh tropical fruit can be detected from clear across the table. Zippy, aromatic and vibrant, vibrant, vibrant. This is one seriously spirited spirit- it is Alive and Kicking.

Which Distillery?

Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch, an amazingly smooth and fruity Speyside spirit. Mannochmore has a fascinating history; founded by John Haig & Co, producer of the famously black whisky Loch Dhu, a period of planned closings and re-openings allowing the team of distillery workers to alternate yearly between Mannochmore and neighbouring GlenLossie distillery. Additionally, there was another long period of dormancy in the 80s. However, today – as this dram shouts from the rooftops- Mannochmore is Alive and Kicking.

Alive and Kicking

Age: 13 Year Old
Distillery: Mannochmore
Brand: Uncharted Whiskey Co.
Type: Single Malt Scotch
Alcohol: 54.5% vol.
Contents: 70 cl.
Cask Reference: UC0007
Distillation Date: October 2008
Bottling Date: October 2021